Agro Oman & Halal Oman 2017


U.S. exports to Oman totaled $4.67 billion in 2015 and both Oman and the United States seek expanded trade relationships are working to leverage their Free Trade Agreement (FTA) to that effect. The U.S.-Oman FTA removed most customs duties and the remainder will be phased out over the next few years.

The Middle East currently imports most of it’s food, valued at $15.4 billion. The agriculture and fisheries sector play an important role in diversifying the economy of the Sultanate of Oman. The government’s economic development policy emphasizes the expansion of agriculture and fisheries sectors. The goal is to establish a sustainable economic base in preparation for the time when hydrocarbon reserves are depleted.

The Sultanate plans to expand productions and capabilities in agriculture and fisheries, building up the sector as a contributor to the economy. Currently, there is $71.85M being invested in to the development of the agriculture sector and $1.3 billion allocated in the development of the fisheries and related infrastructure.

The Halal industry is compromised of food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, logistics and tourism. The GCC Halal imports are set to increase from $44 billion to $53 billion by 2020. Within the next two years the Halal market for products and services is set to increase 52% to $2.47 trillion.

Agro Oman & Fisheries Expo 2017

Exhibitor Profile
Agro Oman & Fisheries 2017 offers U.S. exporters the opportunity to meet leading decision makers in the food-agribusiness and related industries in Oman, allowing access to the lucrative and growing Omani market in the following sectors:

Agro Oman & Fisheries Expo 2017 connects the food, agricultural and fisheries industries as well as related government organizations in the region with U.S. supplies in exploiting the potential involved in the modernization of the sectors and expansion of the Sultanate’s growing economy. Source

Agro Oman & Fisheries Expo 2017 will be held under the patronage of the ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries of Oman.

Halal Oman 2017

In concurrence with Agro Oman, Halal Oman 2017 emphasizes the Halal sector, offering an ideal platform for exhibitors to promote and market a wide array of consumable and non-consumable high quality Halal products to buyers across the region.


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